We Sell Blacksmithing Coal

Blacksmithing Coal


We sell Pocahontas blacksmithing coal by the pound. We use this coal in our shop every day. Our blacksmiths and others who use it agree that our coal is ideal for hot-forging operations.  We find it easy to ignite and hot enough to heat any thickness of steel.  It is good for forge welding too.



Cash - 40¢ /lb

Charge - 50¢ /lb

Bring your own containers.  5-Gallon buckets are best.

We are open 7a - 5p Monday-Thursday.

400 s-scroll
400 forged

"I have purchased coal from these fine folks several times. I plan on going back. Actually I will be going today. 

-Bryan B.


"I've only bought Coal from them for blacksmithing, but I fully intend on coming back soon as they were very good to work with. Thank you again for helping blacksmiths by selling good Coal which is not available is most areas."

-Kevin C.